Official "The Team Vs Bucky" Movie Clip for #CaptainAmericaCivilWar & Black Panther in 1/6 by Hot Toys

We see Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes take on #TeamIronMan (and "Agent 13") and kicking ass! Then T'Challa "Black Panther" turns up and does some native parker! Ohman, I CANNOT WAIT to catch the film for when it premieres May 6th!

And not too long ago, Hot Toys announces the BLACK PANTHER in 1/6th-scale! Not a huge amount of accessories to be had tho … would be awesome if it came with a clawed-off shield of Captain America, won't it? With "crossover" comics and films, why not "toys"?

Do check in with your fav retailers for pricing and availability of Black Panther tho … oooooh looks to be full rubber suit hhhhhmmmmm

(PARTIAL) HOT TOYS PRESS: "The highly accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Black Panther in the movie featuring a newly developed helmeted head with highly detailed textures and silver trims, newly developed body, meticulously tailored black and silver colored Black Panther suit with extreme fine details and textures, and a Captain America: Civil War themed figure stand! "