Michael Leavitt’s “King Cuts” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery (May 14-June 11, 2016) showcases 16 Best Film Directors Ever Carved in Wood!

Michael Leavitt’s “King Cuts” solo show of new sculpture launched at Jonathan LeVine Gallery mid-May, and features iconic feature film directors, carved out of wood!
"I carved these at 1:4 scale. Each is 18 inches tall or wide, sculpted from scratch in wood and polymer clay by myself in my garage. Each is painted with acrylic and carved from 80 to 100% wood. Smaller details, faces and hands are sculpted in polymer clay blended into wood. These sculptures are available to purchase. Please refer to Jonathan LeVine Gallery for all purchase inquiries and other information." (mikeleavittart.com)

Directors depicted in Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Steen Spielberg, Tim Burton, Spike Lee, Hayao Miyazaki and MORE!

Scroll down to view images alongside splendtastic making-of-video slideshows to these ingenious sculpts! And head towards jonathanlevinegallery.com to peep finished displays.

Michael Leavitt’s “King Cuts”
@ Jonathan LeVine Gallery
520 West 20th Street, Suite 9E; New York, NY 10011.
ph 212-243-3822
Show runs til June 11, 2016.