MORE WIPs of #TheDarkCrystal ReActon Figures from Funko!

After the initial "reveal" of Landstrider and "Jen" the Gelfin as ReAction figures from Funko, Reis O'Brien (@reisobrien) has shared even MORE images, with these "3D outputs" featuring other characters in "The Dark Crystal", including "Chamberlin" the SkekSkil (seen above with "Kira" in the background next to "Jen"), The Mystics, and "Aughra" The Keeper of Secrets! Now all they need is "Fizzgigg"…

Designed and sculpted by Nena (@thequeenofgates) - also mentioned is that there will be a "Build a Crystal" feature in this series, the finished build (unpainted) can be seen at bottom of this post! Now this is one feature worth buying all the figures for, as far as I am concerned!

(Headsup via super7sandiego)