Sneak Peek @ Justice League Dark 2016 (Announced at #SDCC2016)

"Justice League Dark is what it sounds like. It's the dark side of justice. A group of supernatural heroes who band together loosely to take on occult threats, supernatural threats - threats that the real Justice League may be powerless against." (IMDb)
Officially announced at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24) was the animated “Justice League Dark”, in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series. This “sneak peek” video (featured love) is from the "Killing Joke" DVD, and showcases scenes and developmentals (select screenshots featured below), as well as soundbites from folks uh as director Jay Oliva, and as notably, they’ve gotten actor Matt Ryan to voice “John Constantine”! (FYI: If you are unfamiliar, Matt was the actor who portrayed “John” in the live-action TV series!).

As well starring characters Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan, Swamp Thing, Black Orchid (a manifestation of the “House of Mystery”), and Batman. Expect a Fall 2016 release.

I do not normally post news about animated films, but I’ve always had a particular liking to characters of this genre, and was suitably intrigued when the comic book was released (but I have yet to read any, alas), and this might be a nice gateway in for me :)

WHAT-IS: "The Justice League Dark, or JLD, is a fictional superhero team that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. First appearing in Justice League Dark #1 (November 2011), the Justice League Dark originally featured John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, the Changing Man and Zatanna. The team consists of the more supernatural members of the DC Universe, handling situations deemed unfit for the traditional Justice League."