The Marvel Symphonic Universe from Every Frame a Painting

Too true about the lack of memorable themes, but I cannot fully agree with the notion “risk” - as mentioned in the video above, but wholly agree about the “common denominator” - with Marvel’s films perhaps choosing to focus instead on the characters moreso than anything else.

In “film design”, I teach “design and art direction” as the unknown “character” embedded in the story and visuals - which further enriches the visuals and scenarios that unfold before you on the silver screen, and wholly believe “music” and/or “score” assumes such a concept too. Although, I also do teach imagining switching off all audio, to be able to see the "effectiveness" of art and design being noticeable, so ... :p

Without knocking nor disrespecting the folks working behind the scenes for Marvel movies, they are kept in the literal background, feeling sort of “dialled” down, to instead let the “characters” (humanoid or otherwise) to flourish in the foreground.

Can’t knock it, as that’s “their” choice to do so, and let’s face it, we are still highly entertained by the movies, aren’t we? “Depth” and “Richness” is not a force beyond visual baubles in Marvel movies, but it’s okay, for me … another similar genre film comes to mind: Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, where perhaps the main theme overtaketh the myth and lore, IMHO. But of course, that’s just in my eardrums :)

Here’s a “closing” video for fun’s sake!