Lucifer versus Constantine (#Spoilers Within)

I had just finished a post on Lucifer on #iliketeevee, when I chanced across another celluloid incarnation of the Fallen Angel, this time played by actor Peter Stormare, in 2005’s CONSTANTINE, directed by Francis Lawrence (in his feature film directorial debut, no less) - with the titular character played by Keanu Reeves, and admittedly a movie I enjoyed! And enjoy still, as different from the comicbook source material as it was :)

Three clips shown here - The above is were Lucifer meets Constantine (after he had slit his wrists and am dying) … followed by Lucier Meeting Gabriel the Angel (played by Tilda Swinton = currently The Ancient Celtic One in Marvel’s Doctor Strange ) ... and finally, Constantine giving Lucifer the bird - because, who doesn’t want to flip the devil? LOL

I enjoyed their incarnation of Lucifer here - dressed in crisp white, sporting tattoos underneath the clean.