About That Unfortunate Black Power Ranger Pop!Vinyl Design…

I truly don’t mean to be stirring anything “negative” up on this fine Sunday in Singapore, but it has been bugging me since noticing it when I first blogged about it … but don’t you think the BLACK RANGER Pop!Vinyl looks kinda “racist”? Like the Eastern/Oriental-dude needs to have smaller / “slanty-eyes” on his helmet? Versus the ones seen in the character posters and motion posters?

Did someone not get the memo for the helmet design? Or could it have been a “simple mistake” of rendering the correct “visor” area/component of the helmet design, for the product release … unfortunately showing the “non P.C. sensibilities”? Which I doubt, as I have been seeing the product in folks' collections (on Instagram) since they have been released ... Or maybe it was a specific chosen design based on the film’s storyline?

Regardless the reason or intent, and I try my best not to take this personally … but as a Chinese man myself - and I am not necessarily speaking for anyone else other than myself - I found it first utterly hilarious, but then I cannot believe I am actually quite offended by this. LOL

Sure, "It's Just A Toy!", you might say, and I'll leave it at that.

UPDATED: Facebooker "Ian Arel" replied to this post with a agreeable voice of reason:
”The whole black portion is the visor not the shadow effect caused by the visor mold. they are reading into things a bit much.”

"...it's just a toy..."

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