C3PO & R2D2 by CHOGY Now On Pre-Order!

arttoy preorder2

CHOGY of South Korea (Creator of “23BLOCK”) sends word of his figure set, currently up for pre-orders - with his re-interpretation of every Star Wars-fans’ droid couple “C3PO & R2D2”!

The Protocol Droid is now a human clad in a shimmery gold zip-up hoodie, while the R2 unit is now a “skateboard”! Standing 12 inch tall (C3PO), this will be a 20-piece hand-made (Resin) edition, with the price pegged at US$595 (exclude shipping fee), and can be ordered via emailing “gyums23@naver.com” / or FB messaging him (*Payment via Paypal only). Don’t forget to tell him TOYSREVIL Sent You!

The couple first made it’s display debut at the “Starwars Rogue One Experience” in South Korea! Meanwhile, as you ponder your purchases, here are MORE images to gawk at!

arttoy 129arttoy 122
arttoy 75
arttoy 37
arttoy 15