“John Wick” for Honest Trailers & Screen Junkies News Interviews

Screen Junkies does “John Wick” for their “Honest Trailers” series (SPOILER: Don;t expect anything “bad” to say about the film :p), and interviews Keanu Reeves (along with fellow cast Common and Rudy Rose, and director Chad Stahelski) from “John Wick: Chapter 2” - which at THIS point of the hype, I am jonsing to watch NOT JUST because of the action and visuals to expect, but also because of “Keanu Reeves” - because HE ROCKS!

Funny, I distinctly remember a time period when folks ragged on Keanu for his “less-than-stellar-acting abilities”, and now peeps are licking the floor he is walking on LOL


“John Wick: Chapter 2” premieres Feb 10th in the USA, but only Feb 16th in Singapore. Thankfully next week, I suppose, otherwise I’d still be stuck at home now nursing a flu+cough if the premiere is tomorrow! URGH