“Laura’s Origin” Clip from LOGAN

Here’s a peek at “Laura”; the lil’girl who would be “X-23” in the upcoming feature film “LOGAN”. In the comicbooks, she is a clone of “Wolverine”, and possibly the celluloid-connection here may have been in “X-Men Apocalypse”, where “Logan” was seen mid-way into the film - escaping his capturers - leading to the end of the film, when “blood samples” of Wolverine/“Weapon X” were taken away in a briefcase with the “Essex Corp” logo - which essentially points to “Nathaniel Essex” AKA “Mr. Sinister” in the comicbooks.

All this makes much more sense now, with the faux pixalized video capture of Laura’s “Origin”, still a “speculation” of course, but a slightly more concrete one :)

Laura Origin 1 in Logan
Laura Origin 2 in Logan
Laura Origin 3 in Logan

The image of “Laura” shown cutting herself, might well be more evocative than this video clip altogether as it speaks more of “self-multilation” of a pre-teen, and not something readily show on the silver screen in big budget Hollywood flicks … and in this R-Rated film about fictionalised “superheroes with super-powers”, it shows them to be as “vulnerable” as non-mutant human beings, someone folks - “victims” and their families - can relate to.


*Mind you, it has not be mentioned if this specific clip is to be seen in the film LOGAN itself, as opposed to it being a “viral clip”, but let’s just assume this’ll be, shall we? “Flashback” sequence, of course :)