The Coming of “Avengers: Infinity War”!

“The Avengers” will meet the “Guardians of the Galaxy” in “Infinity War”, and we get to see Robert Downey Jr (“Tony Stark”), Tom Holland (“Spider-Man”) and Chris Pratt (“Peter Quill / Star-Lord”) speaking from the set of the highly anticipated feature film from MARVEL - a culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of planning and movies - playing the long-game, and choosing to play a long-game, when everyone else is playing at “catching-up”, innit?

Regardless, everyone can opine on about the state and status quo, but the practical reality is the result on the silver screens, and how it affects us still in, being embraced by the faux universe created before us, IMHO.

Never been in as good a time as it is now, to be a “fanboy”.

Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) is scheduled for a May 4th, 2018 premiere in the USA. The as-yet-titled sequel / “Part Two”, is scheduled for May 3rd, 2019.

Avengers Infinity War Shooting Announcement
”…oh, we’re just making this lil’Avengers movie… no pressure.”
Avengers Infinity War - Iron Man meets Spider-Man meets Star-Lord
Avengers Infinity War - Tony Creating Iron Men Amy
Tony making his Iron Man Army… again.
Avengers Infinity War - Thanos Concept Art
“Thanos” looking like he’s wearing a biker’s vest lol
Rocket Raccoon x Thor Infinity War

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