Andy Lau in 1/6th from Threezero - “Strategist Wang” from Zhang Yi Mou’s “The Great Wall”

Threezero of Hong Kong has released a sole teaser image of their next (their third) 1/6th-scaled action figure adaptation release from Zhang Yi Mou’s THE GREAT WALL feature film: “STRATEGIST WANG” - featuring the likeness of popstar/actor Andy Lau!

No further info besides the image, while both Commander Lin Mae and Pero Tovar is still available for preorders on

I've personally been exceedingly interested in the notion of "licensor's approval" or "approval of actor's likeness", and how the costing of each affects the final product, no doubt affecting the product's actual production in the first place!

And while I will not ask if "Westerner's likeness approval" is "cheaper" than their Eastern counterparts, I'm interested to know WHICH is FASTER? :p

Meanwhile, do check out this video from ToysDaily (玩具TV) when the guys lay their hands on both the Wang and Lin Mae figures! *Language in Cantonese and no English subtitles tho… ... so even if you might not understand what they are saying (I'm barely going at 10% myself :p), you'll get to see hands-on-toys companions, IMHO :)

(Above: 玩具TV S02 EP6 P4「原形畢露」Threezero 1/6 The Great Wall "Wang" Andy Lau 長城 "王軍師" 劉德華)