Chinese Character Posters for KONG: SKULL ISLAND

4 x Character Posters for KONG: SKULL ISLAND released for the Chinese market include showcases Tom Hiddleston’s “James Conrad” (ex-Commando tracker), Brie Larson’s “Mason Weaver” (photojournalist and peace activist), Samuel L. Jackson’s “Preston Packard” (United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and leader of the Sky Devils helicopter squadron), and without surprise, Chinese actress Jing Tian - who as “San Lin” - a young biologist working for Monarch - hopefully gets more of her scenes shown in the China-cinema version of the film, as it has been said her role had been diminished in the Western theatrical cut (I read it in my local newspaper anyways, I have yet to catch the film myself, nor would I have known otherwise :p).

KONG: SKULL ISLAND premiered March 10th in the USA, and is currently screening in Singapore cinemas. This will be debut in China on March 24th, 2017.