#IAMGROOT Toys from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Seen at Toys R Us Tampines

The #GROOT invasion has begun at your local Toys R Us (this was Tampines Mall branch)! On shelves MONTHS before the #GuardiansoftheGalaxyVol2 premieres too! By the time the film screens, I don't know if there'll be any Groots left on the pegs lol … but then again, maybe the products have changed by then already, and you might not even find a Groot? Won’t be the first time this has happened here tho, juz sayin’ LOL

On the pegs and shelves were a decent spread of Guardians of the Galaxy action figures - from the Animated TV series (individually blister-carded / not pictured), to the larger scaled figures from GOTGVol.1 (including Star-Lord), and the Dancing Baby Groot from GOTGVo.2.

Over on another adjacent aisle are the GOTGVol.2 LEGO sets (pictures of which I have yet to feature here, I am ashamed…). These are all mass market department store-toys (from Hasbro, LEGO etc). If there were GOTG Pop!Vinyls or Dorbz from Funko, the spread would indeed be “powerful” LOL