SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Trailer #2 Has Dropped!

After the recent reveals of posters, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING next unveils it’s TRAILER (this is the second, view the first trailer HERE), and it’s chocka awesomeness, including the “reveal” that Spider-Man’s “Homemade Suit” (since announced by Hot Toys in 1/6th) was actually a replacement for his fancy-Spider-suit that Tony Stark first gave him, and took back! #BOOSTARK #RESPECTSPIDEY

Spider-Man Homecoming HomeMade Spider Suit
Spider-Man Homecoming HomeMade Spider Suit
Best Friend in Spider-Man Suit

Precisely WHY I think I’ll be enjoying “Spier-Man: Homecoming”, because Peter is unlike other “heroes” to choose to “hide” their identities from friends, much less let them wear the superhero-suit LOL … but of course that is "reckless" and "immature", and "irresponsible" yaddayaddayadda, and … but then again now I sound like “Stark”, and I’m going to be the “bad adult” who gave him a taste of the suit “I” vain-gloriously gave him, then took away, so he ends up being the hero “in spite” of the suit, which unfortunately describes how Tony Stark was LOL

Source: Youtube