Nerdist Presents: “That Spidey Life” (A Bruno Mars Spider-Man Parody)

In this music video parody of Bruno Mars' “That's What I Like”, Spider-Man sings a smooth pop anthem about all the stuff that makes life worth living, web slinging and wall crawling. Presented by Nerdist, this is the perfect soundtrack for anyone just trying to live That Spidey Life.

Ben Carter as Spider-Man
Choreographed by Ben Carter (Instagram : @bencarterdance)
Vocals: Jay Long (IG @jaylongmusic)
Director : Andrew Bowser
Producer: Jason Nguyen
Prod. Coordinator: Erik Kozura
Written by : Andrew Bowser, Erik Kozura, Jason Nguyen, Joan Ford
Director of Photography : Russell Bell
Gaffer : Josh Hensley
Wardrobe Stylist: Rae Esterlina
Spider-Man suit provided by : Luc Luzzo (IG @bboyspiderman)
Music Producer: Freddy Scott (Twitter : @freddyscott)
Illustrator: Leah Tiscione (IG @leahtiscione)
Animation: Charles Shattuck

Source: Nerdist