Neill Blomkamp Returns with Oats Studios Teaser Trailer for “Volume 1” & Teaser for “Rakka”

And so Neill Blomkamp’s “Aliens 5” feature film proposal is not happening, but fret naught fellow Blomkamp-fans, here are a couple of visual feasts from his Oats Studios - starting the above “Volume 1” trailer, and a peek at “Rakka” (scroll down to bottom) of “experimental shots” to be STREAMED (on “Steam”?)!

Truthfully - while as “fun” as it would seem to see Neill’s interpratation of someone else’s work, I’d much prefer to see and experience his original works - which I feel is Neill’s forte, in “world creation”, IMO.

Stay subscribed to Oats Studios on Youtube, I know I will be!

Welcome to OATS. We are a testbed of ideas. Volume 1 will be released soon. #oatsstudios

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