Welcome to a New World of Gods and Monsters - Announcing #DarkUniverse

”Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters.” Universal announced their “Dark Universe” earlier this week (which we had been referring to as “Universal Monsters”), along with a new logo and group picture (above) showcasing the principals for said universe, featuring (Left-to-Right): Russell Crowe as “Dr. Henry Jekyll”, Javier Bardem (seated) as “Frankenstein’s Monster”, Tom Cruise as soldier of fortune “Nick Morton”, Johnny Depp (seated) as “The Invisible Man”, and Sofia Boutella as “Ahmanet” in “The Mummy” - a “first look” clip from HBO is featured below for!

WHAT IS “THE DARK UNIVERSE”: "The Dark Universe films are American monster movies set in a shared universe, that serve as rebooted versions of Universal Monsters franchises. They are being developed and distributed by Universal Pictures, with the installments currently in various stages of development." (Wiki)
The line-up will also include “Wolf Man”, “Van Helsing”, and “Creature from The Black Lagoon”.

And while I understand the commerciality of rebooting / rehashing older franchises and stories (and frankly do enjoy the odd ones), I appreciate a reboot of an ENTIRE universe, and look forward to both the FUN and DUDS that may happen in time LOL

To capitalise on this reboot, Universal has as well announced Universal Monsters including the newly released “Dracula: Complete Legacy Collection” now available on Blu-Ray™ from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment;

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