Jackie Chan Goes Against Type In Revenge Film “THE FOREIGNER”

"A restaurant owner (Jackie Chan) goes on a mission of revenge after his daughter is killed in a bombing by rogue Irish terrorists."
Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan (as “Quan”) plays against type in this revenge flick, up against Pierce Brosnan (as “Liam Hennessy”), with “THE FOREIGNER” being an upcoming British-Chinese action thriller film directed by Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”), based on the 1992 novel The Chinaman written by Stephen Leather. The film also stars Liu Tao and Katie Leung.

Looks pretty darn intense, innit? Really nice to see this aged actor taking on more range than his usual “Buster-Keaton”-styled antics (but then again, looking at the trailer, it’s all here too!), and his smiley-face comedy, now traded in with the no-nonsense determined “deadpan” look? #NICE

“The Foreigner” releases 13th October 2017 in the USA, and will be on Singapore-screens earlier on September 28th, 2017!