KRULL (1983)

"A prince and a fellowship of companions set out to rescue his bride from a fortress of alien invaders who have arrived on their home planet."

Directed by Peter Yates, starring folks I’ve never remember much after the film (or even recognise before, except for Liam Neeson :p), I’d remember the fantastical hybrid of fantasy+sci-fi in sets and wardrobe, coming off the success of “Flash Gordon” and “Dark Crystal” in an era of genre films - which lead to films like “Willow”, “Ladyhawke” and “Masters Of The Universe” - an era of “escape” into the imaginations beyond our normal ken of “life” and pop music (to me, anyways) … AND of wanting to own a “glaive” (or “glave”) - the multi-blade weapon held by the black-leather-clad “Prince Colwyn”, which turned out to be an actual historically referenced weapon, and not made up for the film! (True story, bro :p).

And an underrated “classic” cult film it has become since it’s premiere in 1983, now watchable in it’s entirety here:

Would be “fun” to have action figures made of the characters … artist Edward Pun had done up a couple Pop!Vinyls for “Colwyn” and a “Slayer” tho, back in 2016! … I’d still love to own a Glaive tho :p

WHAT-IS: "A glaive (or glave) is a European polearm weapon, consisting of a single-edged blade on the end of a pole. It is similar to the Japanese naginata, the Chinese guandao, Russian sovnya and Siberian palma (ru)." (Wiki)
(Additional images via IMDb)