Meet “Mija” of OKJA (Premiering June 28 On Netflix)

Meet your new hero. “Mija”, played by An Seo Hyun, is introduced by the cast of the upcoming Netflix Original Film, Okja - premiering exclusively on Netflix on June 28th.

WHO-IS: "Mija is the young star of Bong Joon Ho’s Okja,a farm girl from the mountains of South Korea who discovers the surprising lengths she’s willing to go to in order to protect the one she loves most: her best friend and Super Pig...Okja.

When Okja is abducted by a nefarious multinational corporation, she embarks on a journey across the globe, that stretches her geographical and emotional boundaries, unleashing an unexpected inner strength that rivals anything else you’ll see this summer.

Along the way, she goes from jumping into streams to jumping through glass windows...from hanging from tree branches to hanging off the side of a semi in downtown Seoul."