New ARCADE SETS from AVMV - themed after "The Goonies", "Raiders of the Lost Ark" & "Labyrinth"!

AVMV are busy artists in our art toy realms (and it’s Amanda Visell x Michell Valigura, for folks sill not in the know) … not long after their ”Alice in Wonderland” themed resin releases come their latest Arcade x Movie-themed sets - featuring “The Goonies”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Labryinth”, in which Amanda describes as;
”…continuing the concept of storytelling from the girl's perspective, and heres 3 stories Ive always been obsessed with. Goonies in particular. I was in first grade when it came out and somehow I was so obsessed I got to see it two days in a row.”

All three sets are limited to only 5 units each and priced at US$250. Purchase online via now!

Any guesses on this one?

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Some things are happening today...

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