The infestation of “Zombie”-flicks on the silver screen has but predominantely been from the West, with a scant few representation from the East - with the recent “Train To Busan” from South Korea, and “I Am a Hero” from Japan first popped into mind … and looks like folks here in Singapore may get a new scare with action-thriller ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT《今晚打丧尸》hits theatres coming Thursday 29th June 2017 in Shaw theatres (Source)!

Based on the HK “Z for Zombie” graphic novel by YUYI, I was attracted to the illustrated poster image above, hence this blog-post LOL

"Lung (Michael Ning) and Chi-Yeung (Louis Cheung) are two eccentric hot-blooded young men leading a devil-may-care life. They deem themselves as heroes who can save the earth. However, Lung can do nothing about things in life that don’t work out as he wishes.

A monster from Lung’s favourite animation appears in the city out of reason and turns people into zombies. The outbreak of this zombie crisis is followed by widespread chaos.

Chat-Yat (Cherry Ngan), a girl Chi-Yeung is fervently chasing, has gone missing as well. Lung risks his life and breaks into the infected town in order to bring her back home. He comes to realise that he is merely a loser and slick talker. However, Lung decides not to avoid his true self, and resolves to fight a battle against zombies tonight!"

Featured up top is the Mandrain/Chinese dubbed version of the film - which no doubt will be the version screened in SG … meanwhile, check out the original Cantonese language trailer below: