AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR @ San Diego Comic Con 2017 - Poster Reveal & Leaked Footage!

MARVEL showed some footage to attendees at the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23), and as well a kickass banner image for their upcoming AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS (seen above), illustrated by Ryan Meinerding (Character Designer, Concept Artist, and Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development), for which we have a more detailed look via snaps feature below …

And while the official release of said footage has yet to hit the www (of course I will update it here when it does), instead a LEAKED BLURRY VIDEO is available to view NOW! Scroll down to watch (before it gets removed) … BUT if you don’t want to spoil your viewing pleasures, DO NOT WATCH it now!

I cannot believe (well, this wouldn’t be the last time lol) that I teared like a wee teenage while watching this blurry video … OF COURSE THIS WILL BE EPIC!

Video via cosmicbooknews.com / Poster via superherohype.com