Classic Tokusatstu Toys with SUPER INFRAMAN by PLAY HK x Shaw Brothers x Unbox Industries Available Online Now!

After travelling the convention circuit for a short while, PLAY HK x Shaw Brothers x Unbox Industries’ “SUPER INFRAMAN” is now listed online here for sales, alongside the rank and file henchmen of enemy combatants “The Glacier Empire”: “SKELETON SPECTRE”!

Designed with a distinct retro-sofubi aesthetic in spirit and form, they feel as if they would be collectibles released during the era of the Tokusatstu-inspired film’s release in 1975 - and looks amazingly fun, inclusive of a faux-likeness of actor Danny Lee, who played the role of “Lei Ma”, IMHO.

Made in Soft Vinyl, both figures stand approx. 10 inches and are priced at US$85.00 each with a 3rd quarter 2017 release schedule. Both figure feature removable helmets, which pushes up the play and desirability factor quite a bit, methinks!

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"Inspired by the fervor for 'Tokusatstu' in Japan during the 1970s, Shaw Brothers produced their very own high octane twist on the genre that fused high kicking martial arts, creepy kaiju and suspense into a true classic."
"The first two figures based on the cult classic are Lei Ma (Inframan) and The infamous Skeleton Spectre!

Inframan has a removable mask that allows you to display Lei Ma & also includes bonus 'Flashing Thunder' fists! Skeleton Spectre has a removable helmet and a spear accessory!"
Stay tuned for further developments of another of their classic film-figures: THE OILY MANIAC!