“Gal Gadot Is My Wife” - Re-Edited Video Parody FTW

With the success of DC’s WONDER WOMAN feature film (which I have YET TO SEE! … ohhhhh the tragedy…), inevitably actress Gal Gadot and her “past” gets a new light-of-www-day on online and on youtube - hey, I am not complaining at all, I Love Seeing Gal Gadot! (even tho I’ve not watch the film yet ~ ohhhhh the tragedy…) … and with that phenom comes this particular re-edit of an old(er) Castro Commercial (see original featured below), where behind “every Goodess, is a hidden man”!

#宅男們別再妄想了好嗎 #純屬虛構
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Gal Gadot 阿虎-吳致任

Posted by Playtv on Monday, July 10, 2017

Not too sure Gal’s actual husband will think of this “Gal Gadot Is My Wife” video tho … :p

OG Gal Gadot Castro Commercial

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