Spider-Man’s Video Diary for Captain America: Civil War (AKA "The 1st Four Minutes of Spider-Man: Homecoming")

UPDATED: The www is calling this "the first four minutes of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', so BEWARE OF SPILERS! :)

You might remember seeing quick "Vlog"-clips of Tom Holland as “Peter Parker” AKA “Spider-Man” raving about his time on “Captain America: Civil War” … NOW watch the entire four-minute video diary! … Funny, how this entire thing reminds me of Tom's current "rampage" thru the press, spewing "secrets" of upcoming films and whatnot, like the Peter Parker character is in the film, innit? Is he REALLY that "irresponsible" and immature? Or is it all an "act"?

Just hope this doesn’t spoil the Spider-Man: Homecoming film tho… I'll know of I go watch it in the cinema for when it premieres July 6th in Singapore :p

Source: io9.gizmodo.com

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