“The Great Showdowns” by Scott C as a Collectible Toy for San Diego Comic Con 2017! Introducing Ghostbuster & Slimer!

“The Great Showdowns” are a series of (water-colour) paintings by New York City-based artist Scott Campbell AKA “Scott C” - seen in art shows, and books depicting classic pop culture good guys and bad guys.

And now, to debut at the coming San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23), is a 3-dimensional sculpt of one of his paintings - depicting a “Ghostbuster” (“Peter Venkman” / “Bill Murray”) versus “Slimer” the ectoplasmic ghost! Slimer glows-in-the-dark too!

Sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G Toys, you’ll get two hand cast and hand painted resin figures on each card featuring Scott C's signature, who has also numbered them out of 50.

Priced at US$100 each, you can snag them exclusively at the DKE Toys Booth #5045 (where all other #indietoy exclusives lie await).

Scroll thru for tons of WIPs, to show you the effort put thru in making this figure a toy-reality, and to whet your collective appetites! Would this be the "beginning" of a series of Scott's paintings as "collectible toy figures"? I certainly hope so! Do You? :)