“WESTWORLD Season 2” Trailer Released at San Diego Comic Con 2017

As I was watching the San Diego Comic Con 2017-released trailer for HBO’s “Westworld Season 2”, the words “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends …” popped into mind, followed exactly by “OH FRAAK!” when “Dolores” rode into shot, rifle in her hand! Damn, that girl ain’t playing’ no more!

As far from “Romeo & Juliet” as it is (where that quote originated from, actually), we now see “Bernard” seemingly “reactivated” (and looking confused AF), "Maeve" looking splendid in her LBD on a bloody rampage, while "The Man In Black" puts a black hat back on … oh my… … and our “love-romance” for the TV show will continue in 2018…

Having evolved from the 1973 feature film (and it’s sequel “Futureworld” in 1976, for which I tried to watch, but was unable to complete :p), tis been a wonderful viewing experience to have seen the first season unveiled on the small screen, unlike a single sit-down serving of the film(s), and in this particular instance, an example of the programming superseding the source, in expectations and of continuing the legacy, IMHO.

WESTWORLD was written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton (in 1973) about amusement park androids that malfunction and begun killing visitors … decades later, sexier, bloodier and so darn good, IMHO!

*CLICK HERE to view the “13 Takeaways From the Westworld Panel at San Diego Comic-Con” - lifted wholesale from hbo.com!

We're not in #Westworld anymore...😝 #EWComicCon #ComicCon

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