Weta Workshop Introduces MINI EPICS @ San Diego Comic Con #SDCC2017

New Zealand-based Weta Workshop‏ introduces “MINI EPICS” Vinyl Collectibles at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con! The first series features (somewhat “anime”) stylized interpretations of characters from LORD OF THE RINGS!
"Digitally sculpted by 3D artist Mauro Santini (Ghost in the Shell, Warcraft), and developed by the Weta Collectibles team, MINI EPICS are high-end vinyl figures from the world of the screen - and far beyond!"

FRODO BAGGINS (4.33” tall), GOLLUM (3.14" tall), GIMLI (5.82" tall), MORIA ORC (4.64”) and URUK-HAI BERSERKER (6.88”) = All 5 figures have just launched and listed online for sales at US$29.99 each (Shipping December 2017)!

Look for them at Booth 3613 eat SDCC, and stay updated to Weta's SDCC-happenings via twitter.com/WetaWorkshop!