Epic GAME OF THRONES FanArt by Wisnu Tan

And while I am gagging to geekout at Episode 6 of GAME OF THRONES Season 7, I’d like to first gather my thought, and instead feature a couple of fanart from Indonesia-based Freelance Illustrator & Concept artist Wisnu Tan (artstation.com/wisnutan / IG @wisnutan) first - with the top featured titled “BEYOND THE WALL / SUICIDE MISSION” - featuring the “Brothers Beyond The Wall”, and absolutely loving the “rag-tag-team” concept in any media LOL

And below we have a look at “Arya Stark” (played by English actress Maisie Williams), whom I believe possesses a darker secret than anybody realises … but then again, I’ve only started watching GOT from Season 7, and is reacting from the tons of fan-made videos seen online from the beginning of time, innit? LOL

GAME OF THRONES Season 7 possesses 7 x episodes, with next week’s finale highly anticipated! Here’s a spoilers video preview to gawk at, and head on to my TV-blog #iliketeevee for more GOT7!