HELLBOY (Series 1) Pop!Vinyls from Funko

Funko snags the license for HELLBOY and we have a sweet line-up of our fav characters (comicbook versions, fhanks) up for grabs! I’ve personally always preferred the comicbook versions, as opposed to the film versions, so this works perfect for me! As well as a nice “flashback” to the story source, before the upcoming live-action version (starring David Harbour as Hellboy) hits screens sometime down the future!

FUNKO PRESS: "The Hellboy comic book series is joining the Funko family and receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment! This series includes Hellboy, the vigilante Lobster Johnson, pyrokinetic Liz Sherman, and fish-man Abe Sapien. In addition to our heroes are the evil sorcerer, Grigori Rasputin, and The Queen of Blood, Nimue! Look for the Hellboy chase piece, Hellboy with horns. A rarity of 1-in-6. Coming this Fall!"