Japanese Trailer & Poster for THOR: RAGNAROK (features Doctor Strange appearance in video)

Doctor Strange” appears in this Japanese Trailer for THOR: RAGNAROK, and everybody goes wild! Nah, not necessarily so, but you decide for yourself - in the first few seconds, then everything else we’ve seen before in the SDCC-released trailer, though the end scene with Thor and Hulk bro-chatting is slightly edited to accommodate the good Doctor, I presume … Courtesy of @MarvelStudios, we also have the new Japanese Poster for #ThorRagnarok to gawk at!

THOR: RAGNAROK premieres 3rd of November 2017 in the USA, but is scheduled for release in Singapore on the 26th of October 2017!

No doubt the scene continues from the ending of Marvel’s Doctor Strange film (see clip below), where Strange sits down with the Odinson and chats about his missing father (“Odin”) over a glass of self-sustaining mead AKA “beer”.