My First Spoiler-Free Impressions of Netflix’s THE DEFENDERS #WelcomeToTheKarateParty #DEFEND

So, was it any good? I’d like to think, YES.

Having devoured 8 episodes of #TheDefenders on Netflix (over two days), I had a wonderful and exciting time, with a tighter viewing experience than I’ve had with their individual series predecessors.

The benefit of only 8 episodes in this season drives the pace slightly faster than previous Marvel shows, with plenty of more-than-decent fight scenes (#WelcomeToTheKarateParty), and a semi-decent climatic ending (at least for me :p), which worked more as a “chapter closing”, and another “few opening”, so it works for me :)

If alien invasions and flying helicarriers from the MCU does not work for you, Marvel x Netflix has your grassroots heroes backing your play, IMHO.

The emotion turmoil of Daredevil, the feistiness of #JessicaJones, big-hearted #LukeCage, and the brashness of #IronFist, PLUS the growth arc of #ColleenWing, #ClaireTemple and near everyone else you have seen in their individual series - which worked for me, as I’d seen them ALL - and left a decently fulfilling watch, I admit.

Much alike the Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart’s “strategy”, the culmination of the past series leading into this incarnation of THE DEFENDERS, is delightfully awesome.

But I reckon for folks who might not have watched either of the 4 series ("Daredevil" had 2 seasons’ worth of personal angst, while "Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage" and "Iron Fist" each had a single season :p), it might leave you guessing a bit and figuring out how things and people work, IMHO. Plenty of mentions and back story to "tease" you to go back and watch/or rewatch said series-s :)

Plenty of surprises and twists, and developments that would no doubt move the Marvel x Netflix status forward, with seeds planted, giving it a chance to grow. And with Phase 3 of the MCU heading towards it’s eventual conclusion, well, there’s something somewhere else to look forward to home media entertainment!

Well done here, the filmmakers and Netflix, extremely well done!

Of course there were a number of interesting easter eggs and teases, but we’ll get to that (hopefully) eventually .. let you folks enjoy the series for a little while longer before I geek out and spoil the heck out of this! Go on, go knock yourselves out :)

Cheers and Enjoy!