The Dreamers of TWIN PEAKS S3E14 (#Spoilers Ahead)

Episode 14 of TWIN PEAKS THE RETURN was in my mind, one of the key “example” of what I fondly call the “return” of David Lynch sensibilities in filmmaking / telling stories, or at least what my romanticized memories of what I personally love about David Lynchian-projects … IF you call the camera-zooming into a severed ear on a bed of grass “romanticized”, that is :p

Sure there’s Ep8, with the atomic bomb explosion and Bob’s face in the mushroom cloud, the flashback to when a charred woodsman threatens a radio station - all of which to me is the genesis of the Black Lodge and it’s inhabitants, IMHO.

But in Ep14, we get to witness the revelation that Diane (Laura Dern) and Janey-E (Naomi Watts, wife to “Dougie Jones”) are half-sisters … The alt-dimension encounter in the forest and the eye-less woman … Andy’s meeting the Fireman … “Freddie” telling “James Hurley” the origin story of his pile-driver rubber gloved hand … and the face-opening bar incident. Now, THAT is as much “story” as I have gotten in the entire run of this series - regaled in a single episode - so far!

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My favourite though, had been the “Monica Bellucci Dream” sequence, which weaved in a guest starring spot for the Italian actress, AND the late David Bowie as “Phillip Jeffries” (from “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”)!

Now, this scene (rendered in black and white in this episode) is NOT a new scene with CG-rendered de-aged Lynch and MacLachlan (not forgetting Miguel Ferrer as FBI Agent “Albert Rosenfield”), but is instead a scene from the 1992 film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”!

Interesting as how this is all weaved together, whether it had been an elaborate big-vision scripted story from the beginning of it’s cinematic inception (as I’d romantically imagined it to have been :p), OR a clever folding in of old(er) stories … such a tapestry across time - all 25 years of it - certainly makes the viewing experience more fulfilling and a show worthy of investing my energy and attention on, instead of the self-gratifying instant gratification options of the current times, IMHO.

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I’ve personally always been intrigued with “dreams”, and of what they might be/are = a prophecy / prophecies / a glimpse into the future … a warped memory, our brain trying to fix what we could not comprehend what we witnessed … a mirrored universe … the real real world (while WE are actually the dreamers instead) … so this theme, AND of “looking back”, of reassessing and rediscovering what we had experienced before, are things that appeals to me greatly now, so YES, I am highly biased in my LIKE for this episode!