"Phone Home" with Amanda Visell’s “Speak and Spell E.T.” Wood Collectible

This “Speak and Spell E.T.” from Amanda Visell is a hand made, hand painted wood sculpture, and is so retro-awesome, it bleeds CHARM! If you agree, and am willing to part with US$500 per, make your way online now to myswitcheroo.com, for this sized (approx.) 11 inches tall collectible, which is in a limited edition of 7pcs total. ”Each is unique, one of a kind due to the nature of working with the wood, and my iffy skills.” - shared Amanda Visell.

Below: AFTER

FYI: If you don’t remember your retro-referrances (No worries, you are not being judged :p), this mash-up was borne of a concept seen in the 1982 Steven Spielberg-directed “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” feature film , when E.T. jury-rigged a “Speak & Spell” play module, to help him “Phone Home” - calling his alien planet to come pick him up rescue him!