#watched: JUSTICE LEAGUE (*My SPOILER-FREE impressions)

My immediate SPOILER-FREE impressions of the JUSTICE LEAGUE feature film, after walking out of The Cathay this Saturday morning-to-afternoon screening. STORY SPOILERS and discussions in the days to come! Meanwhile…

JUSTICE LEAGUE was a wonderfully enjoyable watch and worth all the fuss folks have been heaping it with. Sure there are tons to comment about, and nitpick, but I’m personally more than happy to be entertained, and I am thankful I have a chance to watch this unfold in my lifetime hahaha

Maybe try not to be too bothered with judging it based on what you have seen before in “earlier” films (BUT the story connects and will make more sense if you’ve watched them, for sure), and hopefully you’ll be entertained as I had been. Definitely worthy of your time and attention :)

Recommended for real fans of this genre! Don’t forget there are TWO post-credits sequences to be had! ONE before the production credit, and ONE at the very end of everything else :)

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So, did you LIKE it? DISLIKED the film?
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