"READY PLAYER ONE": New Poster & Japanese Trailer

A new Poster, and a new Japanese trailer (with some new footage / no English subtitles), and I am excited again for Steven Spielberg's "READY PLAYER ONE"!

And yes, a good poster DOES make a difference, especially in this day and age (I think), as more trailers reveal more than they should, and with constant teasers and visuals blending in with every other moving visuals for a myriad of "other" films to perhaps confuse your senses, a "still" image becomes as important to anchor your memories and attention, IMHO.

A "bad poster" might frankly out you off the film, and/or deter your attention (*Truthfully it did me), while a good poster - such as this splendid piece (*official illustrated one sheet) by U.K. artist Paul Shipper, paying homage to the evergreen illustrative style of "classic Drew Struzan" really does lend credence to the retro-goodness aspect of the film's allure, IMHO.

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(Source: @paulshipper)