Hitman in the palm of your hands! MAFEX JOHN WICK for a Jan 2019 Release

The Myth! The Legend! The Action Figure! MAFEX JOHN WICK (Mafex No. 70) is based on Keanu Reeves' character in the first "John Wick" film (from 2014), with the toy standing 155mm tall, features multiple articulation, weapons accessories, two types of "heads" (Head prototype production Kyoichi Shimazaki), especially "fun" I had to go rewatch the first JOHN WICK movie earlier today too (*truestory), mayhap as a stop-gap buffer to my lack of ability to procure the figure (for now), but ...

With a SRP of ¥7,800 (excluding tax) - which works out to US$73 / SG$96 - scheduled for a January 2019 release. A hefty price-tag for my liking (I've not owned a MAFEX to vouch for its toy-worthiness :p)