Hot Toys Does "Avengers: Infinity War" as COSBABY Collectibles!

Before I feature individual blogposts about these upcoming products from Hot Toys, here is a look at what Character Cosbabys are coming down the line for their adaptation of Marvel's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - turning both superheroes and villains into Super Deformed / Chibi bobblehead toys! COSBABYS ASSEMBLE!

Consider THIS post as a "introductory" of what has been revealed thus far, while we'll delve into closer looks soon, hopefully before the movie premiers April 29th!

ALSO, do note that there is a *SPOILER ALERT* to what you will see in these images, at the very least a "reveal" of a status of one of the characters, that has yet to be fully answered (*cough-Bruce-Banner-cough*).

And I seriously doubt these'll be it - considering there are a few characters that no doubt have yet been "promoted" for the film as yet! Stay tuned!