"Super Professional (Director's Cut)" from Fools Paradise for Shanghai Toy Show 2018 & Online Release!

Fools Paradise of Hong Kong has since announced a "sequel" to their (*since Sold Out) "Super Professional" release, with a "Super Professional (Director's Cut)"!

While the figure forms essentially remain the same - with a mash-up of Super Mario x Luc Besson's "The Professional" fictional characters; "Leon the hitman/clear",and "Matilda" the apprentice cleaner/hitman - folks will see a noticeably different color palette! Scroll on down to see a visual comparison between this edition and the previous.

Limited to 498 sets this round, release will be two-pronged:

- The first 100pcs of "Super Professional (Director's Cut)" with special gift will be made available for purchase at the coming Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (Exclusively via Booth C28) April 5th to 7th.

- Online pre-orders will start at the same time on doublefools.blogspotcom from April 3rd (@ 00:00 / Hong Kong Time), with delivery scheduled for May 2018.

I will attempt to update on PRICING as soon as it is revealed.