"Chibi" PREDATOR by Willy Kao

"Super-deformed/Chibi" PREDATOR designed and digitally sculpted by United States-based digital sculptor Willy Kao and manifested into a Resin Kit / Garage Kit (presumably non-licensed) - is adorable! Made alongside a xenomorph (for his "Aliens vs Predator" set) since released at Designer Con 2017 (Nov 11-12) in Pasadena, USA. We've a "headsup" about this rad collectible, thanks to these "in-hand" snaps from @kidultonline!

Folks might want to check in with Mr Kao's Instagram @willydigitalsculpting for more peeps at his work

Check out that HUGE upsized Predator (in red)!

It’s started! So excited! Already see many friends! I’ll see all of you soon:) booth#1034

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