Fandango-Exclusive Deadpool2 Poster illustrated by Rob Liefeld

Folks who purchase a ticket for DEADPOOL2 from Fandango might well snag this exclusive poster illustrated by Rob Liefeld x Mike Capprotti (from Fandango FanShop while supplies last), which essentially is a "remake" of comicbook cover - featuring Deadpool himself, and floating Cable and Colossus torsos, and Domino (retaining her original pose from the comicbook).

The comicbook cover in question was Issue #98 of "The New Mutants" circa 1991 (insert-right), featuring the first appearance of Deadpool! How the tables have turned now, with Deadpool being the lead character in this silver screen incarnation, introducing Cable and Domino instead :)

(Actually it was also the first appearance of Domino too...)