Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War?

Since the "infamous" death on the battlefield scene shown in "Avengers: Age of Ultron", the "Death of Avengers" had been a hotly discussed topic, especially now so with the impending premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, and the "warning" of characters "dying"! And while no specific numbers have been revealed (of course), folks all over the internets have been discussing and debating WHO it is that will bite the dust, including myself - getting caught up in the hype!

This particular list has had numerous re-writes and updates, and I reckon it is high time I post this, or it may well never get posted at all. First, a look at select screen grabs from "Age of Ultron" (Ironically, NOBODY said they were "dead", Tony Stark just assumed so, didn't he? :p).

Avengers Age of Ultron Death Scene

And while word has been floating about that "over 60 characters" appears in Infinity War, I'll just concentrate on these recently released individual character posters ... and discuss a little bit more beyond (*cough-Hawkeye-cough*).

Is his contract up yet? Do we need a new person inside this armor? Not likely Tony's end here, as I'd a sneaking suspicion he'll be one of the main heroes will will eventually triumphant over Thanos. Hey, he was the one who had a vision seeing everyone else lying in a pile of dead, innit?

If Tony were to ever bite the dust, he will sacrifice himself by "Avengers 4", IMHO.

Actor Chris Evan is not renewing his contract, which makes an easier decision to kill off "Steve Rogers", but no worries, "Captain America" will be back in his costume soon enough!

And while sightings of Steve Rogers - clad in the first "Avengers" movie's "Captain America" costume - were seen on the film set of "Avengers 4", it might or might not be a "flashback" sequence, innit?

If I had my fanboy ways, Cap WOULD bite the dust by the end of Infinity War, hence galvanising everyone else to band together to defeat Thanos!

But I somehow doubt so, because CAPTAIN AMERICA equals "print money" at this time, which if push comes to shove, "Steve Rogers" might leave the MCU, while the mantle of "Captain America" will be passed along to someone else.

And while Asgard might be in ruins, and his race dwindling, Thor will be getting a brand new weapon in this film ("Stormbreaker"), but to kill him off once he has completed his hero's journey? Not when "Thor Ragnarok" made bank, innit?

Or does he sacrifice himself at the end of Infinity War - with the aid of Stormbreaker, and possibly Loki?

Not when there'll be "Thor 4" the film, innit?

I have a very bad feeling HULK might bite the dust, just to show the superiority of Thanos' "power", no doubt of the Infinity Gauntlet. Everything we've seen thus far in videos and promos don't necessarily promote a "happy" Hulk - who at this time of the film, has all but "guest starred" in a few Marvel films, but remain a unresolved "wild-card".

If "The Hulk" retains the intellect of "Bruce Banner", would he have stood a better chance of destroying Thanos?

Because, at the very least in power scale, the strength of Hulk might well out-class everyone else currently in The Avengers, but he is not necessarily in play, or even part of the game, is he?

Push comes to shove, HULK and BANNER is SEPERATED, and Thanos kills Hulk, to show everyone his superior strength, so everyone freaks ... can? Happy Now? :p

Rumors have been swirling about a solo film, so maybe not yet? Also she is one of the very few OG female team members or even a female superhero (*without superhero-powers*) in the MCU ... although arguably you can say her combat skills are beyond a super-strengthen "Jessica Jones", innit?

Seeing him strung up with a thousand needly-things pointing at his head and body, is only meant to distract us, methinks ... like when Thanos is facing down Steve Rogers/Nomad, or when Thanos beats down Iron Man ... the peeps obviously getting the beat down will not go that easily, no?

"Doctor Strange 2" the movie is an inevitability. Dr Strange will live.

He might undoubtably be one of the more powerful do-gooders here, with power levels matching the heavy hitters ... but is he an android that nobody will really care about when his light is diminished? Will removing the Mind Stone kill him? Maybe not "immediately", but ....

Showing him and Scarlet Witch in bliss, is only a gateway to their eventual tragedy and sadness. If I had my way, The Vision will die and Scarlet Witch goes insane - hence leading to "Avengers4" when they fight one of their own! Look we've done the "Alien Invasion" thing TWICE by now ("Avengers" and "Infinity War"), and "Age of Ultron" was done by their own hands ... so who is left to provide the conflict? Someone "brand new"? HHmmmmmm

His brother quicksilver died in the second Avengers film, so it might be "too soon" for her to perish ... but her connection (comicbook connection anyways) to the X-Men's eternal nemesis "Magneto" - however explained away in Age of Ultron - might still regulate her to being the "by-default mutant" in this universe, so she's staying put ... for now.

Unless of course she sacrifices herself to save The Vision, than sadface.

OR, see above rationale about the "Death of Vision".

BUCKY BARNES (formerly WINTER SOLDIER, now Six Million Dollar Man WHITE WOLF)
He was not saved to die. But to argue that point, perhaps he was saved, so that he could atone for his past actions and die.

At the end of the Black Panther film, in the 2nd/last post-credit sequence, Bucky re-emerges from a jungle hut, and is called "White Wolf" by the kids in the village.

In the comicbooks, Bucky picked up the Captain America shield and became "Captain America" (as did The Falcon), so he can wait to die in Avengers 4, no worries :p

"Spider-Man" gets made an Avenge in "Infinity War" ... and while the "Iron Spider" might "die", but "Spider-Man" will live on, c'mon!

I wanted to bring up War Machine's harrowing situation in Captain America: Civil War, so they might not do in a brother just yet, (which makes me sound hella "racist", but) or ... in the comicbooks, Falcon also donned the mantle of "Captain America" - which frankly he is more likely a candidate than "Bucky", because well, Bucky's "technically" an "escaped criminal", no?

C'mon, he got crippled in Civil War, so he could recover and die again? #Harsh


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 .. but then again, not too sure of this ... Drax had a mission in his mind for the death of the Mad Titan although he might become the "hero" this time around, or in "Avengers 4"?

She's hot and all, but she only has one GoTG film. She can afford to bite the galactic one. Sorry, Kisses (Of course she lives).

She never really did fit in, and probably she lived this long to be killed by her father, if not by the hand(s) of her fellow "brothers and sister" in the "Black Order". As long as she does not defect to Thanos' side though....

The person with no individual character poster (above is fan-made), is the front runner for "DEAD"-status, but the Russo Brothers directors has a "plan" for him, so the archer is saved! It has been speculated that Hawkeye might be re-suited up as "RONIN" in "Avengers 4", so if Hawkeye/Clint Barton is to "die", it might have to be in "Avengers 4" ... Well, then again we'll never really know until the end credits roll ...

The "God of Mischief" does not have his own "character poster here ... look, even "Wong" has a poster, okay? Can Space Vikings die? We see him at the "beginning" when Thanos captures the Asgardian-ship (seen at the end of "Thor: Ragnarok"), and in trailers we see Loki offering up the Tesseract to Thanos (presumably so) - which I had thought was a ruse, instead giving it to Thor who constructs the Stormbreaker with it (also seen in toy) ... and we don't really see Loki again after that, do we? Well, certainly not own promos and spots ... so does Loki bite the dust, once Thanos discovers his "betrayal"?

Although, Loki night well be Marvel's favouritest and most popular "villain", so what better way to commemorate his "hero's journey" by killing him off from the get-go?


All three just came off the nigh successful "Black Panther", and if anyone bites the dust - even Okoye, I'd be very cross.

FFS even WONG has an individual poster of his own, c'mon! (Bye, Loki!)
Perhaps Dr Strange's "Time Stone" is kept save with Wong, instead of ending up being taken by Thanos? So much for the "Sorcerer Supreme" if so easily taken, innit?


And while they do not have an individual poster (like Hawkeye and Loki), one can safety say (#SPOILER): ANT-MAN & THE WASP film comes out July 6th, 2018 ( in the United States).

avengers-character-posters-1088776 copy

Verdict? Based on the list above, it would be "nice" and predictable if it was Captain America, simply because it helps fuel others "determination" to do right by Cap. But if I were to hedge my bets, none of the "main" characters will bite the dust, and I am looking at "Nebula", for no other reason than she is expandable, and mayhems in her final attempt to kill her "father", she fails, but gains his "respect". But ultimately, I dedicate LOKI to join his (step)-sister Hela in the Underworld!

End Game? EVERYONE DIES! So that Dr Strange's Time Stone can come into play, and he can finally showcase his sorcerer's supremacy!

Ultimately "funny", in that in this age of "reality contests / shows", where folks choose a "winner" - we are guessing "who dies" in AVENGERS INFINITY WAR...

(Above: Death of Quicksilver in "Age of Ultron" - Introduced in AGE, died in AGE)

Although how gnawingly irritating it is, that there's this faint echo of doubt in the back of my addled mind, the Thanos is actually trying to "save" Earth (dimension) from marauding intergalactic threat(s)? "Cosmic threats"? Or is it all just a "game"? A "Wager" set upon by the family of comic being including "Grandmaster", "Collector" ...?

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR premieres April 27th in the USA, April 26th in Singapore. We'll know for sure soon who "dies", won't we?