Solo Train Heist - 16 Bit Scenes by Mr Sunday & Renault Kadjar TVC

I personally enjoyed SOLO, very much so, actually! Having watched it only last week (story of my film-watching-life, fhanks), seeing this "Solo Train Heist" in animated retro 6-bit style, thanks to Mr Sunday (courtesy of really serves to add to my personal opinion that "Solo" had been more of a "Star Wars movie" to me, than "Force Awakens" and "Last Jedi", IMHO.

And I say that in the context that I do understand the memories and impressions of the first trio of films (Eps 4, 5 & 6) has, and will always affect my viewing of any subsequent Star Wars film-incarnations, and my immediate "connection(s)" will be with THESE films and characters.

Everything else - past, present and future stories / films / projects / animations - exists because they make up a larger tapestry of the "space opera" we have come to adore, that has since spanned and survived decades, and generations, which in essence for a wannabe casual fanboy like myself, am selfishly grinning in silent glee, as I get to see/experience a multitude more incarnations of Star Wars to come, and I am fine with that :)

May The Force Be With You!