The Lost Boys Pop!Vinyls for July 2018 Release!

Funko does LOST BOYS featuring characters from one of my all-time fav "vampire films" from the 80s, and truly tugs at my 80s-loving heartstrings LOL

Although, truthfully I'd only want to get "David" the vampire (played by Keifer Sutherland) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Check in with your fav retailer(s) for these guys releasing in July!

FUNKO PRESS: "Garlic don’t work boys.

There’s a beach town in California where you never have to grow old, the vampires don’t sparkle but wear plenty of leather and holy water is a must-have when leaving the house. The cult classic ‘80s-tastic The Lost Boys adventure continues with a series of Pop! Movies collectibles. Pop!

Sam and Michael are just two brothers trying to find their way in a new town, but they show surprising grit in the face of a leather-clad vampire gang. And Pop! David, the leader of the Santa Carla gang, is available in his human form carrying a box of noodles (that are probably worms)."

FUNKO PRESS: "The Frog Brothers, Edgar and Alan Frog, are available as a two-pack exclusively through the Funko Shop. The brothers are armed with stakes and a comic book understanding of how to battle their fanged foes."

Garlic Don't Work, Boys!

"Bonus" video: