"Come On, Feel The 'Noids" - A One-Off Sculpt by Mike Strick for Mothership Gallery's "Monster Beach Party Show"

"...Girls rock your boys! We get wild, wild, wild ..." Mike Strick from UK shares with us news of his one-off original sculpt (in epoxy clay on wire) made for Mothership Gallery's Monster Beach Party Show, as inspired by the monster movie Humanoids From The Deep (AKA Monster 1980).

"It may not be accurate to describe Humanoids From The Deep (AKA Monster, 1980) as a good movie, but it is a lot of fun. It earned its notoriety mainly due to the post-production inserts added by producer Roger Corman that pushed it from standard monster invasion flick into exploitation. The titular creatures are notable as being the debut of monster maker Rob Bottin who went on to create the FX for classics such as The Thing and Total Recall. Heavily influenced by Giger's biomechanical look (as was de rigueur for early 80's monsters), the Humanoids' tails and arm extensions were a good attempt at making them look less like a man in a suit." (Read and view more images here)

It is sculpted in epoxy clay on a wire armature and stands 24cm tall. It will be on show and for sale at Mothership Gallery, Philadelphia from July 28th 2018. Online sales are via Martian Toys.