Pikachu x Aliens GK / Garage Kit from Tooth Fairy Studio

Since seeing the above snap on Twitter (via @SWinstonschool), I've been trying to track down the originator of this awesomeness that which is a cross between a PIKACHU and a XENOMORPH / ALIEN (which netizens are calling a "Picamorph" or a "Xenochu" :p), and perhaps snag one for myself?

(All above display images via hideousplastic.com)

Produced by Tooth Fairy Studio, they were on display at the recent Wonder Festival (2018) Summer (under @sazenlee, which I suspect the top pic was via...?), and at ACGHK 2018.

Currently two brand new colorways (Green and Yellow) are available to purchase online via the China-based artist's taobao store! (All text in Chinese).

Each 12cm / 4.5 inches tall pre-painted poly+pu figures are priced at ¥500.00 each (approx. US$73 / SG$100). Limited to 100pcs each colorway, estimated shipping is late-August 2018. No further availability details for the other three figures shown (Black, Pink and Red) tho ... you might want to stay connected to him on Twitter @Gabencui :)

The TOYSREVIL blog (*my main blog :p) is no stranger to the wonderful concept of non-licensed, appropriated crossed-over and mashed-up collectibles, and THIS is the sort of twisted macabre pop culture INSANITY I personally ADORE!

And THIS would make one hella short film too! Pika, Pika... PIKA! *alien burst forth underneath Pikachu's skin* ~ LOL