Keanu Reeves Meets John Wick in 1/6

Hot Toys has in the past featured Eastern/Asia-based or Hollywood actual actors holing their 1/6th-scaled counterparts, based on the movie(s) they are released from (notable few featured on this blog too; including Scarlet Johansson with "Black Widow", Lee Byung-hun & Gregg Clark, Donnie Yen & Jiang Wen) ... but to me personally, THIS takes the toy-cake: Actor KEANU REEVES checking out his JOHN WICK in 1/6th action figure

Courtesy of Sideshow Toys (HT's distributor in the U.S., of you do not know by now), I can only but imagine the toy-joy of seeing your own likeness in a "toy" (THAT would be one bucket-list wish, as are other fellow geeks, perhaps :p). Featuring heads-sculpted by Yulli Choi, painted & art directed by JC. Hong, this figure was offered for pre-orders circa August 2018 for a Q3 – Q4, 2019 release (US$243.00 on ... I certainly hope Mr Reeves got to keep an advanced figure though!

And then I am reminded of the image(s) below of "John Wick" on the set of his third celluloid outing "JOHN WICK: PARABELLUM" (currently in production) riding a horse, and I know folks out there who'd collected Dragon / DML's horse might find a use / or to sell when the movie premieres somewhen May 2019? .... I've got this feeling I (might) have that horse (!!!) ... just need to find it and hawk it off...