Scary Movie 4

4 reasons why i watched Scary Movie 4 (instead of X-men 3):
01. it was closest to where i was at, at time of screening. (yes i was lazy)
02. it was a brainless alternative to a good laugh and time.
03. the trailers were actually quite farnie.
04. remembering having a good laugh with Scary Movie 3.

4 memorable movies they parodied:
01. Ju-On (innocent little devil caught in ridiculous situations)
02. War Of The Worlds (milked beyond comprehension)
03. Brokeback Mountain (hilarious revival of Lionel Ritchie's Hello)
04. The Village (vague reference) /// CLICK TO READ IN FULL

4 reasons why i should've made the effort to go watch something else instead:
01. compared to SM3, it wasn't as farnie or even smart (considering the content even) ... or maybe it was the movies they parodied did not resonate as much.
02. the trailer was farnier. as vignettes go, maybe it could've been just loosely strung together parodies instead, ala SNL :p
03. main lead just wasn't farnie (at all) and Anna Faris was a tad off-babe (compared to SM3)
04. could've waited for the pirated dvd second-hand VCD instead.

4 "best" sequences of the film:
01. all SAW references. farnie lah :p
02. Mr Koji giving Cindy a tour of the house where she'll be working.
03. Cindy Campbell's cheeky one-liners. ("i've taken balls to the face before")
04. Fahrenheit 9/11 parody and all President scenes = never fails to get laughs about the stupidity of the President of the USA (Leslie Nielsen, i mean) *muahahahaha*

(review circa 24.06.06)